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  How to delete search history on Facebook web and app Easy ? 

Often we search for our friends or a Facebook page of our interest. Some, unfortunately, even search people they want to stalk.

While skimming across those profile pages you might have recognised that if you search for a person or a page on Facebook -- be it on the app or on the web -- FB stores that search data. So the next time you tap on the search bar, it automatically shows a drop down list showing the recent searches.

While auto storing those names (with images) might be easy for you, it might also put you in trouble, especially when your close friends or family end up seeing your search history.

Fortunately, Facebook has given the option to delete search results from app and web. But you may not find it at one go as the option is hidden.

So here are 5 simple steps how you can completely wipe out your recent Facebook search history from the Web and the Facebook app.

Step 1 - On the website, head to your profile page on Facebook and search for 
the 'Activity Log' or 'View Activity Log' option. You can find this option next to your cover image on top right.

Step 2 - Once clicked on the 'Activity Log' option, you will see a list of your activities including which posts you liked, reacted, commented shared and others. On the same page you will find 'More' option on the left side that falls right below the Photos, Likes and Comments sections.

Step 3 - On clicking the 'More' option, you will see an expanded list of filters. In that list, you will see the 'Search' tab.

Step 4 - Under the 'Search' tab (we suggest you click on it when alone, to avoid conflict), you will see a complete list of all the pages and users you searched for. The searches are sorted based on the time, date, month and year.

Step 5 - On the same page, you simply have to look for the 'Clear Searches' tab on the top right corner, click on it to permanently delete the results, and voila! You're done.

Now when you hunt for something that you have already searched for before on Facebook, there won't be any drop down like seen previously.